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With our 3 TB storage you can save as many files as you want
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A serious platform for uploadin and storing files with powerful servers allowing 200 GB/registered user and up to 10 GB single file size upload! Fast and easy remote,torrent and FTP upload through cutting edge smart band functional design .Have your files secured and encrypted and access them wherever you are.

Why Us?

online since 2012 offering strong and reliable file hosting
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More then 30k users save time,space and energy in organizing their media with us ! Chosing us will manage all your file storing needs in instance.Let us take care of all your media secured and always available at your request.We've been training to keep you happy and satisfied ever since 2012 and still improving!

Pro Plans

Unlock all features and feel free! Try us!
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Free is nice but still you need something more? Going Premium will provide you an amazing 3000 GB storage space, no waiting time between downloads,multiple files paralel uploading and unlimited speed completely ads free! Professional engagement deservs these features and is the most cost effective investment your business can make!